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Official Records

Most Expensive: Corsa SRi (8600)- Pink

M.E When New: 206 GTI 180 (15,000)- L.Green

Highest BHP: 206 GTI 180 (180bhp) - L.Green

Lowest BHP: Fiesta Classic (67bhp) - D.Green

Most Spent: Escort CL (1,100)- Orange

Fastest 0-60mph: 206 GTI 180 (7.4s)- L.Green

Slowest 0-60mph: Fiesta Classic (14.8s)- D.Green

Highest Capacity: 206 GTI 180 (2.0 16v)- L.Green

Highest Ins Grp: 206 GTI 180 (Grp 17)- L.Green

Highest MPG: Fiesta Classic (50 MPG)- D.Green

Lowest MPG: 206 GTI 180 (32 MPG)- L.Green

Most NYCB: Mr M.Mayling (2 NYCB)- Orange

Latest Car: 206 GTI 180 (05/2006)- L.Green

Car Table
This page looks at the type of cars along with their owners throughout time. Admittedly not everyone has their priorities set on a vehicle, but for some of us they play a key role and are not just to get from A to B. Some of us have aims to get bigger and better cars, hopefully taking us into the sports category and beyond throughout our lives.

Since the release of this site 18 months ago, we have seen that some owners are already creeping up into the 'better' categories for the types of cars they own.

The fastest as of yet is the Peugeot 206 GTI 180, with an excelleration from 0-60 in just 7 seconds. You will probably see faster cars as the months and years go on (things are getting interesting)...

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