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Support: support@sun-racer.co.uk - Experiencing technical difficulties with this site

Queries: queries@sun-racer.co.uk - General queries and questions

Sales: sales@sun-racer.co.uk - For sales and development tasks

Here at Sun-Racer.co.uk, we look towards the future.

We welcome any useful input from yourselves, which can be emailed and replied to by us with regards to anything related to our site.

Design work:

If you would like either a spreadsheet or website design created for you, please contact the sales address posted above or simply click here.

Sites and spreadsheet development quotes are free of charge, and more details will be provided after you have submitted the material you have enquired about.

A typcial standard website of 5 pages will cost 180, which will include a UK domain name (www.yoursite.co.uk), two years of webhosting (so it is up and running on the Internet 24/7) and your own websites email system.

Spreadsheets are pushed to their limits and are also developed for whatever needs you may have - email us now for a quote! No sale callers will ever call and you won't be obliged to sign up to anything until you are fully satisfied with the quote you have.

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