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Below are previous events you may wish to view:

  • Canary Wharf 2005

  • The brand new Ferrari F430 was on show at the Canary Wharf motor show this year along with many other exotic cars. Other vehicles included Pagani Zonda, Aston Martin DB9 and many more!

  • Billing Aquadrome: JAE

  • JAE stands for Japanese Auto Extravaganza. With well over a thousand or more Japanese cars, official car clubs and their owners, it was a petrol heads heaven. No chaved up bad boy racers, as these were the real deal big boys toys.

  • London: MPH '04

  • Finally at last we get to see the mighty Ferrari Enzo - only for my camera to break! However, we still got some pictures for you folks. A fanastic day that had a show with the Top Gear team doing stunts in super cars.

  • Billing Aquadrome: Nitrox

  • This was the very first car show that we went to. It was packed with anything from Vauxhall Corsa's to Mitsubishi Lancer Evo's. This event gave car fanatics a chance to buy new good for their loved ones (their cars that is).

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