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Driver Details - Ford Escort

Title: Mr
Name: D.Aitken
Occupation: IT Analyst
Y.O.B: 1985
N.Y.C.B: 0
Choice: Nissan Skyline R34
Passed: 12/2003

Drivers Comments

The Ford Escort was chosen for two reasons:

  • Its a cheap, yet was largest car I could afford when being a student
  • It can hold everything I need in it

    The one reason that this site seems to exist is due to the fact that I love cars (as sad as it may be). The Escorts unattractive attitude of "look - im boring, dull and says everything about my personality" is very untrue. Its a smooth ride and came with loads of extra's in it for just over a grand - everything is in working order and should last me a few years (touch wood).

    I didn't want to look like another typical "rude boy" racer showing off in a tiny 1.2 Saxo - I wanted something practical so I can learn for the first couple of years what driving is all about. This should put me in a good enough position for the second car I am looking to buy - the mighty Nissan Skyline R34 GTT, which is the sort of car boy racers would love to have - yet will doubtfully ever get, since it demands dedication and respect.

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