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Driver Details

Title: Mr
Name: D.Aitken
Occupation: IT Contractor
Y.O.B: 1985
N.Y.C.B: 2
Choice: Nissan 350Z
Passed: 12/2003

Drivers Comments - 206 GTI 180

I felt it was time to move on to sportier cars. I needed something that would quite happily zip past your average driver but at the same time it does not need to drink petrol like it is going out of fashion. There was only one car I could afford with such power and speed - the 206 GTI 180.

This car is the final 'hurrah' from Peugeot's super successful 206 model - but it comes with a twist! Its not a normal 206 at all - it has leather, suede and alcantara bucket seats, 6 CD changer, 17" alloy wheels, twin exhaust - the list just keeps going and going! This lady's and gentlemen is one seriously fast pocket rocket that will get you to 60mph in around 7 seconds from its 180BHP 2 litre 16v engine. Perfect.

It is my pride and joy and grips to the road like glue - put it into 3rd at 50mph and put your foot down - things suddenly become dots in the rear view mirror. However, as with all good things it will come to an end. I'm after a 350Z Nismo edition in 2008, so watch this space - things are getting serious!

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