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Apologise for the Update Delay 20/08/2006
Sorry folks for not updating this site for months. I have been extremely busy with driving (got a new sporty car), working (new fancy job) and making the most of summer. There are lots of updates to come so stay tuned (including video's of supercars, etc).
Supercar Day 20/08/2006
I have finally driven some of the finest cars the auto world has to offer. Grab a cuppa and click here for the longest write up ever
TomTom 11/03/2006
No - Tom hasn't cloned himself, but it is still twice as good as Tom (hence the name).

Got one last week and to sum it up in a nut shell, its good so get one. Speed camera software came with it as well, which was an added bonus. Visit for more info.

Bakers Dozen 26/02/2006
Got bored, so for a giggle I made this.
A Piece of Automotive Perfection 25/02/2006
I received a parcel from the other side of the world today after waiting 5 weeks for my delivery.

Everywhere was out of stock, and you had more chance of Jesus coming back for a day and working at McDonalds than getting this package in the UK. So, I went to our good old friends the Americans who have everything but in much larger quantities - they were out of stock too. The most powerful country with a zillion people on their land didn't have a single one of these items I wanted - so I waited and waited - but it was worth it.

The package was protected with old newspaper (probably paid more for that knowing my luck), but it was definently worth waiting for. Box 2 came out nicely, which shows a badge from Bugatti - cool.So, out we slide the stuff that makes Andrew quiver like a little girl, only for it to be opened for a feather light piece of tissue stuff over my goods.

Hmmm...Now I wonder what it could be. Its from the most expensive car manufacturer in the world and is protected so that any Nuclear war that may occur on delivery, it shall save the company about 100 to send another one out.

Well, remove the tissue and here we have the most expensive model of the most expensive, fastest, quickest, most glorious car of them all - the Bugatti Veyron.

Take it out fot he box and its extremely detailed and well worth my two cents (though it cost over 100 may I add). All of the doors open, including the 'boot' that has a brief case in it and the spoiler raises when you flick a switch under the car. The Interior is very well made and hasn't missed anything from the real thing.

It also come with its own authenticity card and stamped serial number by Bugatti - see here. Call me a geek, but in real life this car is utter perfection. You're even considered lucky to just see one, let alone sit in it and turn the ignition on. That is why I personally think that it was worth the wait and my money.

It now sits proudly on my desk reminding me how great some things are in the world...

Losers 05/02/2006
Myself and a couple of mates stopped at a local petrol station the other night and low and behold there were two 1.2 Corsas dressed to their nines - except these were looking more like your aunt Doreen in spandex than the girl next door type that everyone talks about.

'Cool' is what these drivers think as they drive at an impressive 40mph along a street road with their heads hanging out of the drivers window. Their larger than life exhaust rumbling away as if they were proud owners of something special like a nice V8 engine - but no.

The cars that these plonkers had were just average old lady style vehicles that you can see on the Sun-Racer website at present - but these chavs with little to no taste what-so-ever decided to stick some more tack on these machines of theirs.

I have no problem with what people do to their own possessions, however it does enable me to question why anyone in their right mind would stick cheap and nasty plastic bits with 'Lexus' style lights (which look like they have come from an awful 70's style sci-fi movie may I add) on to their cars.

May I please remind you the simple laws of physics to all you mindless people out there - I don't have an impressive car at the moment, true, but why on Gods earth would you stick stuff on your cars, hence adding more weight to it to make them 'go faster'?

What really does go through these people's minds? OK - we all want something special that we can turn around and say "thats mine. my effort, my work, and people gawp at it". However, why would you spend 2k making a car look like its from Halfords showcase when you can simply just put that money towards an actual better car!

To conclude this little stressy of mine, I would just like to say you chavs driving around with your two abilities in life, which are to breathe and drive with your head out the window make me feel 10 times better with myself, because I know I am simply not anything like you in anyway. :)

South Park Characters 15/01/2006
I have made a background with all of us lot on it, but in South Park cartoon style, along with individual MSN pictures of yourselves to use. Click here to view them.
Happy New Year! 01/01/2006
Wishing you a Happy New Prosperus 2006 Year!

I hope you have all had an enjoyable festive period and a fantastic New Years celebration. To help you out and to make the Private Corner look more organised there are now two new links at the top of the page for each year that is in question. So far we have 2005 (previous information held here from last year) and this new 2006 section.

The Private Corner will automatically take you to this page from now on - the year 2006, so your fully up to date.

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