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Harry Potter 4 26/11/2005
Took a trip to see what all the fuss was about with the fourth Harry Potter movie last night, and having read all of the books to date, I can honestly say that this movie in comparison was rubbish.

The reason I say this is because the whole thing was it felt rushed (although it was a 2.5 hours long). It was the simple things that the book had that made it all magical as if you were a kid again - like the different monsters and how each teacher had different attitudes to Harry himself, plus the mystery behind every story he is in.

The movie didn't show a single lesson, almost immediately a third of the book was missed out from the start, that house elf 'Dobby' was supposed to be back but didn't appear once in the movie and in the final maze part there were supposed to be monsters in it - not a single one was in the movie - how 'exciting'.

Our half giant friend 'Hagrid' had some funny moments being a teacher in the book, but once again this was missed out totally by the movie, as well as the evil 'Rita Skitta' journalist woman making Harrys life hell throughout the book was more of a 2 scene wonder in the latest blockbuster.

Summed up in a nut shell - They've made the movie almost totally different to the book. It wasn't as near as magical as the previous three movies and missed out important parts that follow on to make the following movies fully understandable. Not worth sitting in a packed out Cinema like the others - simple.

MPH '05 with Tom - extra pictures 19/11/2005
As you are probably aware, we took a trip down to Earls Court to drool over some of the cars on show there. Tom however, provides some handy snaps of the day. Click here to view them.
I get to drive a NEW Ferrari F430!!! 16/11/2005
I have been upgraded from a Ferrari 360 to the brand new Ferrari F430!

In preparation to the experience, I have learnt that the Ferrari 360 I was able to drive is no longer available!

However, all is definently not all doom and gloom as I have received word that I shall instead be driving the brand new Ferrari F430. The previous 360 car had 425 bhp behind the wheel, which was rather tasty...however, now Sun Racer has now been upgraded to drive the 483bhp version of the Italian super car for free.

The Ferrari can go from 0-60mph in just 4 seconds flat and has a top speed of 196mph - thats 9mph more than what I was expecting with the 360. With a price tag of 118,000 to drive from the dealership forecourt, I am certainly a happy man to say the least.

The plan is, I have five cars to use: The Mazda RX8, shortly followed by the Mercedes SLK. After driving these, I get my hands on the Porsche 911, the new Ferrari F430 and then the Lamborghini Murcielago, with an attempt to beat 200mph...lets see if it can be done!

Dan Wonders... 22/10/2005
I've often been entrigued as to how our good friend Dan is so clever. However, I thought as a light hearted joke, I would make something that would remind us all of Daniel. Click here to see what it is - Enjoy!
New Website!!! 17/10/2005
I have redeveloped the whole of the Sun Racer website for you all. This should now fit on your screens properly and is in my opinion a much better system than we previously had. I have also uploaded the pictures I took for the new site - Click here to view them. Enjoy!
Pictures of SRI Corsa 10/10/2005
Click here to see pictures of Tommys new Corsa SRI. If you want them simply right click on the image and "save as" to save them, or use them as a background. I won't be keeping these pictures up forever, so copy them now if you want them.
A Colossal Story 06/10/2005
Today, myself and Dan took what could quite possibly be the last journey for the 'Colossus' under Dans supreme reign of terror.

It started off all well and good by myself being woken up from a phone call from Daniel asking if he could borrow some allen keys. After searching in my shed, I toodle down to Mr Osbourne's house, where we start work on trying to take out his new car's cassette player that is to be replaced by his Mini disk player.

Dans idea to remove the original player with two intricate instruments (also known as coat hangers) failed, so we came to a conclusion that it was in the hands of a professional. After instructions from Tommy that we should go down to Halfords to buy some peg removing thingy's, we get into the Colusses and head on down the road.

Mission failed, when Halfords staff mentioned the thing we wanted wasn't in stock, so we decided to go to the Motorist Center instead. Dan made parking look easy, as he had full steering capabilities of the mighty machine that he drove.

Twenty minutes later we got our pegs in true champion style. Stuck in traffic, we got a little bit bored. However, the road became clear for ten seconds, allowing us to climb to an almighty speed of 10mph (see here) - just look at it go!

We passed the Esso garage, much to the discust of Dan as he clearly indicates his outrage for the current petrol prices.

Safely returning home, we start work on the player he had.

Out came the cassette player and fiddled with some wiring, and then Dan had to make an early exit as he was off on his voyage to Netherland (not sure where he went). The story is to be continued...
No more University for me! 30/09/2005
Thats it - I've totally 110% had enough of University! I sat through UEA, which to me felt like being stuck in a prison, wait all summer and now after being promised I can start in my second year - I can't!

Well, to go into detail its like this; I either start again from scratch learning crap I don't wanna learn about and graduate with over 20k debt and leave uni at 23, OR I go into second year barely passing anything - thus wasting my time! Well, thanks a lot Queen Mary and UEA - you've totally mucked up everything for me.

However, I am not so down hearted as you may think. I am currently in the process of getting myself a lovely IT job and whilst working, I pay for myself to be trained in relation to stuff I do want to learn about. This means I am still 110% fully commited to forfilling my job requirements.

This in turn leaves me with hopefully money (due to a job) and I shall be saving up for bigger things...*ahem, Skyline, ahem*...just give me a couple of years.

Whinge over...

Queen Mary: University of London 23/09/2005
I have finally started my new University! All I can say from my first experience is: "Its absolutely totally 110% awesome!". From my room I can see the HSBC Skyscraper, and to the right of my window I can see more impressive skyscrapers. The nightlife is fantastic, as everyone wants to party and make new friends too.

Everyone had this illusion that Queen Mary is within a dodgy area of London, but to be honest with you - its not dodgy at all, and you guys would love it here.

My room is one of the largest around, so it should be able to fit four of you and myself in it - so hopefully that means some of you can come visit from time to time.

I have already seen the following cars drive past my window within three days: Lamborghini Mercielago, Ferrari F430 & 360, Aston Martin DB9, Porsche 911 GT2's, Nissan Skylines, Evo's, infact - there are loads of super cars that just travel through here on a daily basis. However, I have noticed that every street you walk along, you are guaranteed to see some sort of Porsche on it - Londoner's seem to love them!

Oxford Street is about a 10-minute underground journey from my room, which is also very handy.

Darren - over and out. Released 15/09/2005
I have finally released Mitch's and Neal's site. Click here to see what marvelous work Mitch and his dad get up to - they are extremely talented individuals!
Almost time to say goodbye 11/09/2005
I have only 5 days left before I go to Queen Mary in London. This summer was pretty good in my opinion, since I got to sunbath with Andrew and Danny O for ages, "worked" with kids (consisted of watching them play footy), made myself some websites from scratch, looked after some random house, the list keeps going on and on and on.

However, I was a bit disapointed at the lack of sport us lot played! The summer hols is about kicking the ball about in the park and having a laugh - oh, well. At least some of us got a boating holiday. All in all, I think this summer pretty much rocked - not forgetting the parties involved (Bobs, Jenny's, Andrews and more).

Now my good friend Daniel and myself, have to go back to University and start work. This is however, much harder than you think considering we haven't actually learnt anything for about 5 months! I got to make new friends and everything - all over again. Some of you think this would be great fun, but to be honest until your in this position, don't presume its so easy. My true mates are back home (you lot) enjoying yourselves.

I won't have Internet connection for the first week or so when I am at QM, so don't expect any updates in this period. Thanks for the truely awesome summer holidays folks! Darren.

Pictures of our Cars 03/09/2005
Click here to see all of the pictures of our cars. If you want them simply right click on the image and "save as" to save them, or use them as a background. I won't be keeping these pictures up for long, so copy them now. (Link no longer works)
Escort Facelift 30/08/2005
Me being sad and having the fact that I also came face to face with Mr boredom allowed me to redesign Mitches wonderful car. Click here to see my amazing chav-tastic 'it doesn't look right' car!
New Design 27/08/2005
I have recreated the Private Corner page since the previous one was too large for standard screen resolutions.
Silly Mistake 26/08/2005
Whoops, I forgot my laptop is a widescreen, so when I developed most people have to scroll left and right as well. I have no fix for this, as the whole site would have to be redeveloped. I may redevelop the private corner if I get chance.

Sorry for the school boy error!

What's this all about then? 20/08/2005
Welcome to the private corner. This is the bit where I can waffle on about anything that takes an interest in my life and todays world.

It isn't very fancy, but o well - who cares, because I have spent ages creating the Sun-Racer website and this bit is basically about us lot.

Yep, people can still find this page very easily since there isn't any encryption on it, and the main site is a more formal piece of media for general Internet users. No one really wants to read about us lot - except us lot - get me?!?

There is no direct link from the Sun-Racer website to here, so remember the web address (URL) - its simple enough.

I hope you like what I have made so far but remember to keep checking between the two sites reguarly for updates. As I learn more stuff, the site will no doubt get more complex and sophisticated!

I'm not sure if anyone knows why I always use "Sun Racer" as my little company name. It is short for Suncote Racing, plus it sounds better as Sun Racer. There you go - a little fascinating fact for y'all.

Peace out - Darren

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